Media Services

Comprehensive Media Services to Meet Your Unique Business Needs

JCook Media will help you determine who your best customers are and how to find others like them. We’ll determine the demographic profile of those customers as well as what radio stations they listen to, what cable or regular television stations they watch, and what types of media will best reach those customers. We can put together a plan within your specific budget that will help put those budget dollars to best use to bring more of your best customers to your business — and keep them coming back.

Media Planning

When planning an effective media strategy, there are many questions that must be answered. Who is your target customer? What are those customers reading, listening to, or watching? Do they use they use the internet? If so, how and what sites? What is your business’s sales cycle? How much advertising do you need to do to bring enough revenue to meet your projections? How much should you spend on advertising? When should you advertise? These are all questions JCook media can help you answer when you engage our media planning services. And, we’ll spell it all out in an easy-to-understand media plan that outlines a specific strategy that will be best for your business.

Media Buying

Jana Cook has years of experience buying and negotiating the most effective advertising schedule in both the top media outlets as well as niche markets. But our job doesn’t end when the media buy is made. JCook Media also will monitor the schedule to make sure everything is going as planned. We will measure results to validate that each media buy is bringing the desired results to your business. Are you getting more visitors to your website? Are more customers walking through your doors? If not, we’ll adjust the plan and negotiate new terms to better meet your business’s needs. We’ll ensure you get what you paid for and that your promotions actually bring in the customers and revenue that your business needs to survive and thrive.

In addition . . .

JCook Media has complete media buying software that uses Nielsen ratings data to analyze the most effective media for your business. Nielsen Audio ratings will help determine which radio station or stations have the right audience for you as well as which station has the most listeners and will get the most bang for your buck. Nielsen TV ratings measure television programs on specific stations. This data can help determine whether advertising on television would be cost-effective for your business as well as which shows your target customers are watching. We use various analytical tools to measure online advertising results as well — Nielson online ratings, Google Analytics, and other programs to help target your digital advertising.

When helping to develop your media plan, JCook media will help you determine which types of media will help you achieve your business goals within your advertising budget — and how to make those advertising dollars work harder for you. Contact us today to get KC advertising help for your business.