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We’ll help you with your company’s advertising campaign, from planning to execution, follow up and review, and everything in between. JCook Media will see your project through and ensure you’re getting the results you paid for.

Media Services

JCM provides comprehensive media services from start to finish. From consulting on a project, developing a media plan, proposing a budget, to negotiating the schedule – some or all, we can help.

Market Research

Provide resources for market research projects to help determine brand awareness, or launch a new product.

An effective media plan starts with some definition. Define the target audience, define their media habits, determine the length of the campaign, determine the budget. All that information comes together in an easy-to-understand media plan that outlines a specific strategy that will be best for your business.

  • Should you use Digital advertising? What tactics
  • Should you be on the radio? What stations?
  • Should you use TV? Is it too expensive?
  • Do billboards work? How do you know?
  • Does anyone read print anymore?

Years of experience buying and negotiating the most effective advertising schedule gives JCM client’s confidence they’ve spent their money wisely. But the job doesn’t end with the buy being placed. Schedules are monitored to make sure everything is going as planned. Results are measured, adjustments are made. An audit of invoices each month, assures clients only pay for what they ordered.

  • Utilizing the latest digital tactics
  • Measuring what people are watching and listening to
  • Negotiating rates
  • Managing dashboard reports and auditing invoices
Jana Cook

A graduate of the University of Kansas, I started my career in TV sales. With a move to Seattle, I moved to the ad agency side as a media buyer and never looked back.  I started JCook Media in 2005 and have enjoyed great success with a variety of clients. My favorite thing about this type of work is the exposure to so many other industries. Watching a media campaign, tailored for each client, take off and be successful just never gets old.  "Advertising works!"